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Get pregnant sooner!

Get pregnant sooner! Non-intrusive and reusable way to detect your most fertile days – from a singledrop of saliva!

How does Babyndex work?

A few days before you reach your most fertile days, changes happen to thestructure of your saliva. It starts to crystalize in a different way. Using ourautomated application helps you interpret the saliva test and our advanced self-learning algorithm significantly increases its accuracy. Eventually, we make itfaster and easier to predict when you are most likely to conceive! The saliva testis FDA-certified and beside our team Harvard Medical School authors have alsoextensively studied automated detection of saliva crystals.



You can use Babyndexas many times as youwant. This way, you cansave a lot compared topurchasing loads ofsingle-use hormonestripes on the market!



A 2018 study by HarvardMedical School showedthat saliva test canpredict ovulation withmore than 99%accuracy,ifcomplemented withautomated crystaldetection.



Your saliva crystallizesduring your fertile days.Babyndex can help evenwomen with irregularcycles. There is no needfor months oftemperature data andfor complex predictivealgorithms.


All you need is a high-quality ovulation microscope and the Babyndexapp!

Babyndex is an easy-to-use solution that only requires a small microscope and asmartphone with the Babyndex application installed!

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*Running on iOS 11.0 or later and Android KitKat or later

Get ovulation prediction in seconds

Babyndex will take just a couple of minutes of your time every day to analyze your saliva crystallization and predict your ovulation cycle! You just have to follow these 3 steps:


Place a drop of saliva on the microscope and wait for it to dry (about 10 minutes).


Hold the microscope against the camera of your mobile and take a photo with the Babyndex application.


Wait for the application to analyze crystallization and predict your fertile days.

Customer reviews

HANNABudapest, HU
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I tried everything already and spent a fortune on urine and blood tests to try and grasp unstable ovulation cycle. I was hesitant of saliva tests as it really doesn’t sound very convincing at a first glance, but after I read about it more, I decided to give it a try. I am amazed how well Babyndex analyzes my saliva crystals and how precise it is. I would definitely suggest this to any want-to-be parents!
JAZMINDabrecen, HU
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We were trying to get pregnant for years so I know how important it is to understand my body. I was using saliva microscopes already but Babyndex app takes it to a new level. I like how I don’t need to guess my own interpretation but can trust the app to do its job!
ZoeEger, HU
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The application is very polished and I like how easy it is to use it. I’ve been testing it for several weeks now and it just takes a couple of minutes to perform the whole routine. First time you might be a bit uncertain, but app guides you through nicely!